Certified Dealer

Certified Dealer

Together with Herman Miller, we focus on building a better world around our customers and communities.

Contemporary Office Interiors is proud to be one of the founding dealers of the Herman Miller Certified Dealer Network. As a Herman Miller Certified Dealer since 1999, we undergo annual evaluation and re-certification in the areas of leadership, operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and financial stability. We have been recognized as one of Herman Miller’s top 5 certified Dealers for the last 5 years.

Our management philosophy is simple... to support our people on the front lines so that they can deliver on our commitments to our customers. All major projects are directed by the partners to ensure our commitment to a higher level of customer expectation.

Certified Dealer Network Metrics

  • Customer Satisfaction Rating 99%
  • Recommendation Index Rating 98%
  • Repeat Business Index Rating 98.2%
  • Service Net Satisfaction Rating 99.5%
Herman Miller regularly reports on the performance of Certified Network Dealers based on customers' direct experience.