Our Team

We are proud of our nearly half century legacy as a company.

When we look back at the one key factor that has brought us to where we are it is our people. COI is and has been honored to have a team that is passionate and committed to creating great spaces for you to be your best in.

"Gilbert Rohde said to me one day... 'You think the interesting thing in the house is period design - the interesting thing is the people who live there.' This was almost an earth-shattering statement to me. I'd never thought about that. And later Rohde supplemented...'You're not just making furniture anymore; you're making a way of living - a lifestyle.'"

–D.J. De Pree, founder, Herman Miller, Inc., recalling a conversation with Gilbert Rohde, circa 1930

  • Scott Ellis

    Scott Ellis President / Principal

  • Michael Draycott

    Michael Draycott Chief Financial Officer / Principal

  • Cal Mcinnis

    Cal Mcinnis Principal

  • Kevin Swenson

    Kevin Swenson Principal

  • Rory Ellis

    Rory Ellis Principal

  • Brad Woolner

    Brad Woolner Vice President of Operations

  • Jordan Klukas

    Jordan Klukas Creative Director

  • Sindhu Ratnanesan

    Sindhu Ratnanesan Account Executive

  • Russel Goodman

    Russel Goodman Account Executive

  • Aidan Wahlberg

    Aidan Wahlberg Account Executive

  • Brenda Stech

    Brenda Stech Account Manager

  • Allan Todosichuk

    Allan Todosichuk Account Manager

  • Kerry Maltais

    Kerry Maltais Implementation Manager

  • Melissa Worsley

    Melissa Worsley Sales Coordinator

  • Angelina Statham

    Angelina Statham Sales Coordinator

  • Judy Jamieson

    Judy Jamieson A&D Consultant

  • Carla Wright

    Carla Wright Account Executive

  • Nicole Mcniven

    Nicole Mcniven Account Executive

  • Tyler Barrett

    Tyler Barrett Account Executive

  • Chris McInnis

    Chris McInnis Business Development

  • Jose Alianza

    Jose Alianza Flooring Estimator

  • Kerry Solomon

    Kerry Solomon Designer Specifier

  • Sara Fernandez

    Sara Fernandez Designer Specifier

  • Tyleigh Arthur

    Tyleigh Arthur Designer Specifier

  • Craig Warrington

    Craig Warrington Project Manager

  • Glenn Gartry

    Glenn Gartry Project Manager

  • David Wall

    David Wall Project Manager

  • Jason Pineau

    Jason Pineau Furniture Operation Support

  • Keith Spielman

    Keith Spielman Head of Service / Dispatch

  • Annie Hjartarson

    Annie Hjartarson Controller

  • Tucker


  • Edmonton Team

    Edmonton Team ...

  • Don Ellis

    Don Ellis General Manager – Edmonton / Principal

  • David Crittenden

    David Crittenden Client Strategy Development

  • Terry Thwaites

    Terry Thwaites Furniture & Healthcare Sales

  • Erin Leach

    Erin Leach Brand Director

  • Carmen Kezar

    Carmen Kezar Customer Service / Account Executive

  • Mary-Ann Lind

    Mary-Ann Lind Project Coordinator

  • Tiffany Schwartz

    Tiffany Schwartz Design Team Lead

  • Stephanie Pollock

    Stephanie Pollock Designer Specifier

  • Shae Lahey

    Shae Lahey Designer Specifier

  • Alan Bell

    Alan Bell Sales Manager Floor Covering

  • Braden Bell

    Braden Bell Project Manager

  • Sebastian


  • Winnipeg Team

    Winnipeg Team ...

  • Shelley Werner

    Shelley Werner General Manager – Winnipeg

  • Louise Bentley

    Louise Bentley Account Manager

  • Elise Rathbone

    Elise Rathbone Account Manager

  • Micha Kyliuk-Smith

    Micha Kyliuk-Smith Account Manager

  • Darrell Jacques

    Darrell Jacques Floorcovering Division

  • Amy Finlayson

    Amy Finlayson Designer Specifier / Furniture Sales

  • Jennifer Donovan-Faubert

    Jennifer Donovan-Faubert Designer Specifier / Furniture Sales

  • Thu Nguyen

    Thu Nguyen Designer Specifier

  • Fallon Galdu

    Fallon Galdu Designer Specifier

  • Ryan Regier

    Ryan Regier Project Manager

  • Kristy Grayson

    Kristy Grayson Office Manager