Our History

Our History

We Are Prairie

The Prairie Merchant

Many of us at COI are third or fourth generation prairie merchants. We are committed to serving our customers and communities with the same values and work ethics with which our ancestors pioneered this land - To live every day with courage and resiliency. To have integrity and pride in our work and determination to do what needs to be done. To keep our promises.

Our Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is simple...to support our people on the front lines so that they can deliver on their commitments to the customer.

Our Legacy

COI has been serving Alberta since 1968. Our complete offering includes proven experience, knowledge, insight and world class products and services. Like all companies, we've had successes and failures, but, through it all we have grown together as a team. We continually have the privilege of working with outstanding clients, designers, contractors, consultants and vendors. Over the past decade, COI has grown to Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver. It's our pleasure to be a part of each of these communities.