Why COI?

Why COI?

Why COI? Four questions you should ask us:

1. What's your purpose?

To create a customer and an elevated customer experience. To help our customers achieve better outcomes. To create growth, brand loyalty and prosperity.

We create high-performing workplaces that deliver an elevated human experience of work and help organizations achieve their goals.

Herman Miller Design Yard

2. What problems do you solve?

Problems associated with workplace change and transformation. We are facing a new normal - constant change and constant adaptation. Workplaces that foster the human experience require continuous improvement, continuous maintenance and renewal in response to change.

Herman Miller Head Office Working Area

3. How are you different?

At the heart of everything that we do is a belief that enhancing the experience of work is the key to sustainable performance and business success. Our unique approach to Placemaking helps align people, work and place to fulfill both human needs and corporate goals.

Conversation at Herman Miller's Head Office

4. Why should I care?

Place Matters. You can't have exceptional performance without an exceptional employee experience. We want to help our customers rethink the places where work happens - so that organizations can get the most out of their people and people can get the most out of their work.