Hundreds of fits and configurations made possible by a handful of components.

Encana is a leading North American energy producer that is focused on growing its strong portfolio of diverse resource plays producing natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids.

COI worked together with EnCana to built great spaces in their head office the iconic Bow tower. Our success was based on many things but 2 main factors stand out.

Understanding their work processes / environmental culture and creating a solution to complement the iconic architecture of the Bow. Working together COI and Herman Miller tackled the first issue of learning how Encana really works. We performed preoccupancy evaluations to assess work processes and uncovered key values and attitudes towards how Encana uses their space.

Second the Bow as a building itself is beautiful yet very challenging to create office standards for. Each office is a different size pie shape and the steel diagrids that make up the main building structure and x façade intersect through the offices randomly.

COI created a simple kit of parts that scaled up and down in size to fit every space (Literally hundreds of office typicals). And provided a system of application that meets the qualified needs of Encana's staff while being flexible enough to meet the varying needs of many worker types over time.