Team of Teams

We're proud of our half-century legacy as a company. Our people have brought us to where we are. COI is, and has been honoured to have a passionate team that's committed to creating great spaces for you to be your best in.

Meet our Executive Team

  • Scott Ellis

    Scott Ellis President/Principal

  • Principal

    Rory Ellis Principal

  • Michael Draycott

    Michael Draycott Chief Financial Officer/Principal

  • Don Ellis

    Don Ellis Principal

  • Dale Sawchuk

    Dale Sawchuk Principal/President, Floor Coverings

  • Cal Mcinnis

    Cal Mcinnis Director of Commercial Development

  • Brad Woolner

    Brad Woolner Vice President of Operations

  • Tiffany Mrak

    Tiffany Mrak Design Manager

  • Calgary Team

    Calgary Team

  • Peter Street

    Peter Street Director of Architectural Projects

  • Sindhu Ratnanesan

    Sindhu Ratnanesan Director of Business Development

  • Russel Goodman

    Russel Goodman Account Executive

  • Aidan Wahlberg

    Aidan Wahlberg Account Executive

  • Brenda Stech

    Brenda Stech Account Manager

  • Allan Todosichuk

    Allan Todosichuk Account Manager

  • Chris McInnis

    Chris McInnis Flooring Sales

  • Carla Wright

    Carla Wright Flooring Sales

  • Tyron Kind

    Tyron Kind Flooring Sales

  • Mike Gonzales

    Mike Gonzales Flooring Sales

  • Keith Spielman

    Keith Spielman Service Centre

  • Edmonton Team

    Edmonton Team

  • Sharifi Houssian

    Sharifi Houssian Sales Manager

  • Terry Thwaites

    Terry Thwaites Furniture & Healthcare Sales

  • Erin Leach

    Erin Leach Brand Director

  • Daniel Winter

    Daniel Winter Flooring Sales

  • Alan Bell

    Alan Bell Flooring Sales

  • Winnipeg Team

    Winnipeg Team

  • Shelley Werner

    Shelley Werner Manitoba Division Manager

  • Louise Bentley

    Louise Bentley Account Manager

  • Micha Kyliuk-Smith

    Micha Kyliuk-Smith Account Manager

  • Lisa Kirton

    Lisa Kirton A&D Representative

  • Amy Finlayson

    Amy Finlayson Designer Specifier/Furniture Sales

  • Nick Chief

    Nick Chief Flooring Sales

  • Vancouver Team

    Vancouver Team

  • Natalie Nakatsuru

    Natalie Nakatsuru General Manager VP of Sales

  • Tessa Sechay

    Tessa Sechay Public Relations, Marketing Manager

  • John Bland

    John Bland Business Development Manager

  • Kenneth Reid

    Kenneth Reid Business Development Manager

  • Jane Corrigan

    Jane Corrigan Business Development Manager

  • Ciara O'Hanlon

    Ciara O'Hanlon Account Manager

  • Theresa Wild

    Theresa Wild Account Manager

  • Stephanie Edwards

    Stephanie Edwards Account Manager

  • Karen Guimond

    Karen Guimond Account Manager