Get Modern

Get Modern

Our Vision

COI aspires to be the performance leader for workplace products & services for Western Canada. We want to be defined by our performance and our commitment to great customer experiences. To lead with a win mindset and a passion for results.

Our Mission

To inspire people and performance by shaping the modern workplace in human, creative and responsive ways.

Our Values

Adaptive mindset:

Live everyday with courage and resilience . To see change and challenge as opportunities to succeed.


Honour our promises to our customers, our suppliers and to each other. Establish trust and take personal responsibility in all relationships.

Win Mindset:

We share a commitment to performance and a passion for results.
Adopt a warriors spirit – to play within the rules but be ferocious in our determination to do what needs to be done.

Team of Teams:

We are a team of teams that combine agility and scalability to drive better outcomes for our customers. We have responsibility, both collaborative and individually to organize around our customers problems and help solve them.