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#GetModern Inspiration With BermanFalk's Vancouver Space

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Transform Your Campus

Together with Herman Miller, we can help you create an inspiring, efficient place that will help people and your institution achieve their goals.

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The Library Of The Future

A notable work featuring COI

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Canvas Vista

Meet Canvas Vista, a desking system that is making small workstations feel big and inviting. Its clever design trims the size of workstations to free up space for more people or to add diverse settings.

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Hotel Lobby Furniture


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Wall System Design

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Office Environments


Healthcare Environments


Education Environments


Hospitality Environments


Living Office Settings

Living Office Settings help you specify and deploy furnishings and digital tools for a more efficient and creative workplace.


Cosm–dipped in color, instant comfort. The Chair for Everyone.

Herman Miller's latest collaboration with Studio 7.5 is now available.

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Live Platform

Bring your office to life with our digital system. Live OS is a workplace service from Herman Miller that uses workplace data and insight as a catalyst for organizational growth.

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