Home Environments

Your home and its spaces are your base.

Your home should be your getaway. You live a life of integrated activities—work, family, kids, fun, learning, shopping, entertaining.

Lounge, Dine or Play

No matter your activities or focus we have design solutions for you. From marble tile for your master bathroom, to stools for the kids playroom—we can help.

Home Office

For more and more people, living and working at home are two parts of a single stream of activity—lifework. We believe your home office and the furniture in it can help you work better, live smarter and balance the competing demands of your time.

Outdoor Living

Our lives don't stop outside the walls of our buildings, and our furniture shouldn't either. With weather-proof designs engineered to stand up to the seasons, our outdoor collection supports all manners of outdoor activities—from pivotal lunch meetings to precious leisure time.