Education Environments

Combining a research-based approach, deep design expertise and collaborations with industry thought leaders; COI creates solutions that enhance the learning experience.

Purposeful Learning Spaces

For learning spaces to be purposeful and appealing they should be designed around the things that are fundamental to all humans— our experiences and motivations. In addition, they should consider the unique culture of students and faculty in each learning space. Within these spaces the surroundings, furnishings, and tools should work in concert to provide an optimal experience of learning and teaching, and should fluidly change as the needs of students and faculty evolve.

Downward view on tables being used in an education facility

Learning Spaces: Aligning formal learning spaces with new ways of teaching and learning, creates endless opportunities to encourage and strengthen student/faculty interactions.

Small group studio tables
Small Group Studio
Seminar studio classroom
Seminar Studio
Lecture studio furniture
Lecture Studio

Hubs: We know that learning can occur anytime and anywhere. Because students are increasingly mobile, creating compelling places for working, studying and engaging with peers and faculty plays a key role in student success.

Hallway at a educational institute

Libraries: The new breed of today's library is a far cry from the historical model. Libraries now house cafés, lounge areas, presentation spaces and plenty of computer and study areas.

Library furniture

Administrative + Faculty Offices: Work continues behind the scenes. Learners and professionals alike need relevant accommodations and working environments to fully engage with others or concentrate independently.

Administrative and Faculty office at school

Residence Halls: When it comes to attracting freshmen, the residence hall plays a significant role. Along with libraries, technology, sports facilities and classrooms, residential facilities have become one the most influential factors in a student's decision to attend.

Educational Residence Hall

At COI, we’re collaborating with the world’s leading thinkers and designers to better understand how people think, create and interact. Using these insights, we’re helping institutions and their design partners create learning environments that harness the innate motivations of students and faculty. We believe these types of environments enable purpose and encourage everyone to strive for high levels of achievement.

Thanks to new tools and technologies, learning now happens everywhere, at any time. For campuses to remain relevant, they need to offer something that cannot be found anywhere else—a sense of belonging to a community and an experience of learning enriched through meaningful connections among students, faculty and administrators. We work to help educational institutions create communities that draw students and faculty in and help them do their best.