Family - Investing in Canada

Located in Winnipeg's Sterling Lyon Business park this family owned, family-orientated company has it's investments in their staff and clientele.

A modern office setting with workstations near meeting rooms.

In collaboration with stakeholders at Jessiman Family Investments and LM Architecture Group, the project focuses on creating an environment that seamlessly supports staff, clientele, and the company's philanthropic endeavors. The design ethos centers around furniture solutions that mirror the company's values, boasting bright, natural, and sophisticated finishes.

The primary objective is to enhance well-being and elevate the client experience. To achieve this, the layout of the space prioritizes the infusion of natural light across all settings. High esthetic solutions from Maars Living Walls with acoustic glass enclose the private offices and boardrooms to ensure clients can engage in private conversations confidently, while simultaneously allowing natural light to flood the interior spaces.

The furniture solutions deployed cater to diverse functional areas, fostering collaborative work throughout the entire workspace. From the welcoming reception and staff café to the boardroom, meeting rooms, collaboration zones, workstations, private and executive offices, open corridors, and breakout spaces, every element is carefully curated to promote a harmonious and productive work environment.

By seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality, our approach create a workspace that not only aligns with the values of Jessiman Family Investments it also fosters a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere for all to be engaged.

Photos by Lindsay Reid

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