Incorporated 1968

Incorporated 1968

Contemporary Office Interiors is Herman Millers largest integrated distribution network in Western Canada. We are a leader in workplace outfitting, offering workplace tools and furnishings, flooring, architectural products and related services.

Incorporated in Calgary in 1968, we have grown to include operations in Edmonton Winnipeg and Vancouver. We are a founding member of the Herman Miller Certified Dealer network and represent Herman Miller exclusively across Western Canada.

We operate as an enterprise platform to offer an elevated level of service to our customers. The enterprise allows us the unique ability to operate as a team of teams, combining the agility of small teams in the local market with the greater resources of the enterprise to drive better outcomes for our customers. We are able to scale our resources to the given opportunity to include project management, design, operations, installation, and subject matter experts.

Our Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is simple, we support our people on the front lines so that they can deliver on their commitments to the customer. We believe in creating strong knowledgeable teams, our staff are provided with extensive education opportunities to help them succeed and serve you better.

Our brand

What's in a brand? Maybe everything. It's a promise. Your reputation. Your word.

A couple of years ago, we decided to change our logo and engaged a talented advertising team to create something new. Given our history as a prairie community founded in farming, ranching, the cowboy mystique, the rodeo, and the world famous Calgary Stampede; we wanted a "brand." The cattle brand has been around for at least 4,700 years. There's actually a brand language that exists that is read from left to right, top to bottom and unique to brands - outside to inside.

Our logo reads left to right and outside to inside creating an acronym (COI) for Contemporary Office Interiors. It is symbolic of both a floor plan and our prairie heritage; our promise to service our customers and communities where we work with the same values and work ethic as our grandparents that pioneered this land.

Ride for the Brand

When you sign on to work on the old cattle outfits, you sign on to "ride for the brand." Though we are not herding cattle, we are on a mission to deliver the goods for our customers. If you work for COI, you are called to ride for the brand which means embracing and living our values and purpose.