University of Alberta Enterprise Square

Rejuvenating Enterprise Square at the University of Alberta’s downtown campus

UOFA Downtown Web2

Enterprise square is a vibrant source of community in the heart of Edmonton. At the centre of the atrium is a large triangular common area where staff can gather, eat lunch, and collaborate. Acting as a parallel version of main campus’ HUB Mall, with flexible seating, tables, benches, and booths that adapt and inspire users to support each other. Living biophilic elements like moss tiles, planters, and vertical wood panels surround the space, absorbing acoustics and warmly enveloping users, establishing a calm, warm, and welcoming space.

To offer consistency, we applied U of A’s classic green and gold colour scheme throughout this downtown space. In the office zones, we worked to eliminate ‘cubical oceans’ and increase collaborative creativity, by introducing ceiling clouds and workstation neighbourhoods with central gathering areas. A large, angled, wooden ceiling cloud in the main entrance adds a mellow ambiance and mimics the streetscape to emphasize instinctual wayfinding.

Design by: Kasian Architecture & Design
Photography by: Lana Palmer