Ace Casino Airport

Laying the foundation for a great time, Flooring and Wall Tiles from COI


We “bet big” on the design for Calgary’s contemporary luxury casino, pulling in design expertise from across the enterprise to transform this blank canvas into a Vegas-inspired player’s paradise.

To take this 80k sqft space attraction to the next level, our flooring and furniture teams outfitted the center with extravagant designs and decadent embellishments.

The possibilities are endless with our flooring team. Throughout the space, patrons will be wowed by custom-printed Ulster Broadloom Axminster carpet and high-end floor and wall tile finishes. The second floor is furnished with sharp tiled carpet and the back of the house sees an array of luxury vinyl surfaces. Talk to our flooring team about the thousands of brands they can pull from to make your space one-of-a-kind.

COI also recognized that as crucial as it was to create an experience for the casino’s guests, we also needed to create a functional space for the employees. With a blend of Herman Miller and ThreeH furniture solutions, we outfitted a number of offices and a conference space so their team can feel empowered to get their jobs done with flexible and comfortable resources.

Take a chance on Ace and dare to enjoy deluxe entertainment. May the odds be in your favor!