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Space Planning & Design

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Planning and designing your workspace is a team effort that takes creativity, attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of interior spaces and work activities. Our team consists of skilled planners equipped with detailed product knowledge. They can supplement the skills and resources of your in-house facilities team, Architect, Interior Designer and/or Project Consultants. We work with you and your team to find the right applications for your new or existing builds and reconfigurations.

After understanding your needs, we prepare a conceptual design package that includes proposed furniture typicals and ancillary concepts. Then, we produce preliminary space plans, updated typicals, including visuals, and a product budget. Workspace layouts and installation drawings are developed to scale using CAD and/or CET Designer software, both programs produce exact product counts. Each furniture piece (block) represented includes detailed specifications which are specific to your project. Both CAD and CET Designer specifications are easily converted into order files that are submitted to our manufactures for processing and shipping, allowing us to work within your project schedules.

Finally, we can help you visualize your project utilizing CET, our planning and visualization tool. CET can generate renderings of your spaces dynamically in 2D and 3D, so that you can review and approve your workspace solution with confidence. These renderings are a great tool to share with colleagues and project stakeholders. When you’re ready, we can generate your finalized specifications/order, and check lead-times, all from the same source to ensure error-free orders.

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