Team of Teams

We're proud of our half-century legacy as a company. Our people have brought us to where we are. COI is, and has been honoured to have a passionate team that's committed to creating great spaces for you to be your best in.

Scott Ellis

Rory Ellis

Michael Draycott

Don Ellis

Dale Sawchuk

Cal Mcinnis

Alan Hanley

Tiffany Mrak

Peter Street

Sindhu Ratnanesan

Russel Goodman

Aidan Wahlberg

Brenda Stech

Allan Todosichuk

Clide Jules

Michael Thomas

Chris McInnis

Mike Gonzales

Karla Nacpil

Keith Spielman

Jozanne Gauthier

Sharifi Houssian

Terry Thwaites

Erin Leach

Karalee Rogoski

Oksana Somchynsky

Louise Bentley

Micha Kyliuk-Smith

Amy Finlayson

Lisa Kirton

Nick Chief

Natalie Nakatsuru

Tessa Sechay

John Bland

Kenneth Reid

Jane Corrigan

Ciara O'Hanlon

Theresa Wild

Stephanie Edwards

George Nendick

Karen Guimond