Enterprise Square

A celebrated educational community center for the students, staff, and visitors of the University of Alberta to enjoy.

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Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton on Jasper Ave, the University of Alberta’s Enterprise Square resides in the historic Hudson Bay building. The building bridges the city and school’s main campus, hosting staff offices, continuing education programs, and community spaces.

We were commissioned by U of A to renovate Enterprise Square by executing the design of a space that would foster their values of creating change, challenging the status quo, and overcoming barriers by helping establish an innovative atmosphere for their staff and students to collide and grow.

During the initial stages of our journey in redeveloping Enterprise Square, the University had yet to decide which departments would occupy the space. This provided our team with an exciting opportunity to imagine and create.

To evolve the growing university, we worked with the institution to optimize their space by creating more efficient and inspiring offices, and outfitting a collaborative and connected gathering area for staff, students, and guests. Enterprise Square’s first floor layout was the perfect place to revitalize this significant property into an attractive and inviting academic workplace environment.

This project was carried out during the midst of the pandemic within a limited time frame. The pressures of strained supply chains, social distancing, and product pricing and sourcing issues produced challenges for our team, but the motivation to uplift this celebrated space supported our determination to complete the project on time and on budget.