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Modular Construction

Contemporary Office Interiors is proud to be Canada's National DIRTT Construction Partner. We are the only dealer offering solutions for Furniture, Flooring, and Modular Construction on all projects.

At Contemporary Office Interiors, we believe that prefabricated modular construction products by DIRTT and Maars Living Walls can play a crucial role in the design and development of built environments, and we provide many different prefabricated walls, millwork, flooring, and acoustical systems solutions. Our modular construction offering is an important part of our commitment to delivering complete solutions for spaces in a wide range of different industries.

Our modular construction specialists are a key part of the COI team. With diverse backgrounds in architecture, construction, and interior design, they understand which prefabricated products make sense for a particular space, and work seamlessly with designers, project managers, and installers. The result? Projects that are on time and on budget, and high-quality interiors that meet the needs of clients every time.

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