Sustainability + Supplier Diversity

Sustainability + Supplier Diversity

“Herman Miller will be a good corporate neighbor by being a good steward of the environment.” —D.J. De Pree, Founder, Herman Miller Inc., 1953

At COI, we believe in creating environments that are not only good for the environment at large but also good for you and your organization.

We believe in creating spaces that stand the test of time and back this belief with warranties on many of our products and a full service crew to help maintain your spaces long after installation.

We believe in creating spaces that promote health and safety. This starts on day one. COI is rated with the best in the province for operational safety. Our crews are factory trained and certified, but beyond that, we collaborate and train with world class organizations to keep our work environments free from hazards and exposures. All employees have the right, responsibility and training necessary to fulfill their job requirements in the safest possible manner.

Spaces that help you thrive. Our design is based on your design. We design your space to adapt to you, letting you move and work the way your body was meant to. Whoever you are and however you work, we’re here to help you thrive.

As you can see, sustainability means more then ecology to us. But, we are committed when it comes to being environmental stewards. If your project is LEED we can provide consultation assistance through our extensive recycling program. If your existing furniture or flooring needs to be disposed of, we have programs to divert waste from landfills. Many of our suppliers are industry leaders providing Greenguard and Cradle to Cradle certified products.

Herman Miller has had a supplier diversity initiative since 1990. We are the recognized industry leader for supplier diversity, as demonstrated by the awards and recognitions we have received over the years, including being named "Corporation of the Year" in 2017 in the consumer products sector by the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council. By including a wide range of suppliers in our business community, together we create great places to work, heal, learn, and live.

Shaw Contract Group has installed two billion square feet of it's Cradle to Cradle Ecoworx carpet worldwide. This program has taken years to establish but now guarantees reclamation or recycling.

We are also proud to partner with Herman Miller as they strive for an impressive goal of having a zero carbon footprint by 2020.

Herman Miller’s interest in the environment began with the strong convictions of its Founder, D.J. De Pree, who believed that corporations, like people, should see themselves as stewards. This commitment to the environment has taken shape through almost 50 years of programs, initiatives and the many contributions of individuals and teams. During this time, concern for the environment has become part of Herman Miller's corporate life - with architecture, product design and operations.