Ocean bound plastic process for utility tray CREDIT HERMAN MILLER

Sustainability Priorities

How Contemporary Office Interiors is helping create a Greener World

Products for the Environment - Our manufacturing partners are industry leaders in green design that's why we work with them. They use materials like ocean bound plastics, post-consumer recycled content, and low VOC adhesives in the production processes. They go the extra mile to ensure their packaging is recyclable such as cardboard or reusable like blankets to continue reducing their impact and provide exceptional service.

Energy & Emissions - From transporting of product to heating and lighting COI has in place measures to reduce our impact through route planning and combined deliveries to showroom and warehouse smart lighting and heating systems (a continuing improvement).

Materials & Waste - Each of our locations has a Green Team Ambassador (GTA) who maintains our recycling and composting programs. Recycled products include packaging, paper, cardboard, and plastics. In municipal districts that recycle beverage containers, the refunds are donated to local charities. All product packaging is donated or reused, some are eliminated through blanket wrapping. All showrooms consider even the smallest details, in 2016 we eliminated plastic bottles in all our showrooms. Additionally, though we have reduced our need to print documents in most instances there are is the odd requirement for print, our locations are stocked with 100% FSC paper and our print supplier for out of office printing uses 100% FSC products including a new bio-board alternative to foam-core board and 100 biodegradable ink.

Commuting - COI considers our location to be key! All our Showroom locations are close to client centers to reduce their commute times, and along transit and cycle paths to offer alternate commuting methods for staff and clients. Additionally, to reduce the need for any commute our staff have the option to work from home, this has always been a possibility and this year it has become a priority. Each staff member is also equipped with the tools needed to effectively host conferences and video calls this offers an alternative to visiting the showroom.

Engagement Programs - COI offers staff access to a learning fund where staff can peruse professional certifications such as LEED, WELL, ISSP, and ECO. Additionally, we often host industry CEU events and community information events about sustainable products available for the home and office.

Sustainability Program

Leadership - COI provides our employees with training on sustainability. Our sustainability program will not work if the entire workforce is not on-board. To ensure this, we have created a Green Team, our employees to take initiative and come up with new solutions to create a more sustainable business and manage sustainable initiatives and Implement the solutions. We organize lunch and learn events, share digital resources, and encourage discussion among our employees.

Continued Awareness - In order to make sustainability truly embedded in our company culture, it is essential that we promote it internally and externally.

Firstly, ensure that our company mission reflects our values. We have partnered with strategic manufacturers who offer sustainable products and are entrepreneurs of sustainability (see the MK Sustainability Differentiators).

Secondly, praise and recognize the efforts made across internal communication channels and provide proactive employees with rewards. Facilitate external channels such as social media and local TV to share the efforts with the wider world. Our reputation is for caring for the right thing. We attract like-minded talent and inspire other organizations to implement sustainability in their workplace.

Personal Initiatives - COI enables our employees to follow their personal values in their workspace. Enrich their experience with an opportunity to volunteer and participate in local causes and non-profit organizations and charities. To ensure all employees are aware of these opportunities, we communicate them in an inclusive dialogue. Anyone across the enterprise is encouraged to get involved.

Lastly, we have a matrix to measure the environmental effectiveness of our sustainability program as well as its impact on employee engagement. How we execute this is through an employee engagement survey targeted at our sustainable initiatives.