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Designed by Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck, Herman Miller's Overlay is built to transform the open office floorplan as you know it. Overlay's system of freestanding, movable walls allows your space to grow at the same pace as your organization's needs.

The modern office is always evolving, and Overlay is the solution that supports growth without the pain of construction. Increased agility, visual openness and ease, and the ability to adapt to the changing ways in which we work are enmeshed in its design.

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Overlay, Meeting Space

Unique, customizable spaces meet affordable flexibility. Overlay can be outfitted with colours, textiles, laminates, glass, and markerboards so each space can make it their own.

Visual and acoustic privacy are now easy and accessible with Overlay's walls and optional doors.

Available at all of our showroom locations in Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

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