Tipping our Hat

to Herman Miller’s Poster Child

COI Stampede BK Poster 2022 02 03

For graphic designer Steve Frykholm, life at Herman Miller really has been a picnic. The Vice President of Creative Design reflects on his 45-year tenure at the company and revisits his first—and now canonical—assignment on the job: a poster for the company picnic.

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Steve Frykholm Poster Child Video
COI Stampede BK Poster 2022 web
COI 2022 Pancake Breakfast Poster

Tipping our Hat to Steve Frykholm

The design of our COI Pancake breakfast poster was inspired by the legacy of posters created by Steve Frykholm. Ours focuses on the melty butter and sticky syrup over a mountain of pancakes. Evoking feelings of indulgence and anticipation for the first bite.