Design Days 2023

Couldn't make it this year? We've got your recap on the latest from the most innovative brands in commercial design.

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Walk the Walk

Design works when it inspires - energize your senses through these 'walkable' virtual showrooms and experience the floor as if you were there!

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Knoll Virtual Showroom

811 W Fulton Market

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Herman Miller 100 Exhibit Virtual Showroom

1100 W Fulton Market

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Goals of the Collective

Check out how each brand featured at the Fulton Market and The MART are working to make design work for you.

From textiles to space division, the showcased product looks from the MillerKnoll Collective of Brands shared these common themes:

- Comfy, residential-inspired elements

- Priority around customization and usability

- Commitment to timeless, sustainable design

- The value in collaborative spaces

- Colourful pops in natural settings

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Design Works When it Brings People Together

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