Celebrate Earth Day

Bring life into your space with these three key applications of biophilic design and improve health & well-being in your built environment.

E breathe wall

Biophilia promotes the connection and affinity of human beings for other living organisms. There are huge benefits to incorporating nature into our everyday lives and many companies are starting to embrace biophilic design when creating their workplace environments. Bringing in elements of biophilia can reduce mental stress, promote creativity and productivity, and provide healing qualities.

E breathe wall
Dirtt Breathe Living Wall installation - IMAGE CREDIT: HOACHLANDER DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY

Dirtt Breathe Living Walls

One way to add biophilia is the use of living walls. Breathe Living Walls are a versatile and cost-effective way to seamlessly integrate real plants into your environment. And with an innovative watering system, it’s a low-maintenance way to support biophilic design.

Allermuir Furow 5
Allermuir Furow Planter on left in oak panel finish, to the right is the new Allermuir Crate Divide shelving system.

Allermuir Furow Planters

A new series of planters by Allermuir Design, Furow takes its inspiration from pleat formations and linear forms found in nature. Furow makes adding plants to workplace and hospitality interiors easy.

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Favi Relic with Cloud Planter

Frovi Cloud Tables

Enhance your collaborative, and café areas with Relic Cloud, designed as a canvas to enable you to incorporate both biophilia and lighting into your settings.

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Knoll Power Beam with Planters

Knoll Antenna Power Beam with Planters

Work with nature: Antenna Design’s imaginative user-centered approach to the workplace celebrates functional simplicity with honest materials and seamless technology integration.