Commercial Real Estate & Investment Firm

Calgary, AB - Integrated Interior Solution

CBRE Sitting Area 2

As a leader in the Commercial Real Estate Market, we partnered with this agency to transform their Calgary office into a space where their team can exceed expectations and lead by example in an ever-changing market.

Instilling confidence in today’s decisions to re-imaging tomorrow’s spaces, these professionals needed their office space to emulate togetherness and transparency to promote teamwork, as well as to bring in clients and showcase their unrivaled understanding of the local markets and best global practices.

Together with Shearer Design, COI harnessed this inspiration and optimized their space with dynamic furniture solutions through lounge spaces, eating areas, meeting and focus rooms, and a wellness room.

The lounge space is fit for welcoming guests into a relaxing environment, reviewing and signing contracts with clients, or huddling with team members around the a/v optimized high-top.

The luncheonette is also perfect for hosting clients for a refreshment or to accommodate team-building gatherings. And to enhance the stunning emerald island, we partnered it with simply elegant barstool seating - the perfect spot for a morning coffee.

Behind our Maars demountable wall solution is a traditional conference space designed and furnished to host a large team with maximum comfort.

As champions of the Real Estate market, our most important goal was to provide this team with furnishing solutions that will foster the new heights they continue to reach for years to come.