Investment Firm

Calgary, AB - Completed September 2017

Primary Image Investment Firm

Investment firms are not always thought of as being socially responsible, yet for our client they couldn’t have been more aware of what their staff needed. They wanted to empower their staff by providing them with the tools they need. Our team worked with designers and the company to create solutions that looked towards their future while meeting their values and mission for respect, diversity, community, health and family. It was integral to them that we created a space that reflected their culture while being professional, young, open and vibrant.

This 4545 square ft office features workstations based off of living office concepts to help drive business and productivity, havens, meeting rooms, workshops , a gorgeous boardroom and one stunning reception area.

A sophisticated palette helped bring together items with superb craftsmanship. Here are a few of the key items used for this project:

Renew Tables, Canvas Workspaces, Aeron Chairs, Eames Aluminum Executive Chairs / Management Chairs, Eames Boardroom Table, Eames Molded Plastic Stools, Saiba Chairs, Polygon Tables, Noguchi Table and Crosshatch Chairs.