Unity Technology

Masi Award Winner

20210429 Stephanie Jager Unity CGY 147

In the height of a global pandemic, as we all learned to navigate and evolve during a time with many uncertainties, Unity Technology’s Calgary office chose to advance and press on by creating a space where they could empower both their community of clients and staff.

To emulate these values, their team partnered with Contemporary Office Interiors (COI) to create a space that made a splash in the Calgary tech scene. A space where their community could work together to go bold and bring their greatest ideas to the forefront.

Together with Shearer, an outstanding local design firm, we worked to outfit their office with thoughtful pieces that brought dimension, character, and high-functioning modernism into the workplace. At Unity, they believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. Where better to communicate that message than in a space that is fit to host one’s ambitions and give them room to grow?

The café-bar is furnished with several seating arrangements to entertain, have a one-on-one over coffee, or take a brain break. Beyond the café-bar, employees and guests are afforded a wellness space and numerous open and private lounge zones to suit everyone’s needs to get creative beyond a traditional desk space. And for the biggest business endeavors, the office is equipped with two boardrooms, each fit to accommodate large teams.

At COI, we believe modern to be a vision of optimism. Our goal was to support Unity’s ambitious tech leaders in a forward-thinking workspace with diverse performance environments that are fit to advance with their team and the evolving workplace.