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Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up

Contemporary Office Interiors and Herman Miller hosted staff and client volunteers at Lacarno Beach in Vancouver on Friday, September 17th to remove Ocean Bound Plastics from the sore.

Great Canadian Shoreline cleanup HEADER

After the clean up effort the team analyzed what was diverted from the ocean to discover they collected:

  • 3 balloons
  • 2 beverage cans
  • 53 bottle caps
  • 165 cigarette buts
  • 10 items of clothing
  • 16 coffee cups/lids
  • 97 food wrappers
  • 19 personal hygiene products
  • 4 PPE items
  • 3 plastic bags
  • 45 soft drink packages
  • 16 plastic straws
  • 30 pieces of Styrofoam
  • 19 utensils

In addition to these items the team removed construction material, toys, rope, glass, paper, plastic cups, food container, and fishing line from the shore. Items like these are mostly recyclable and none of them belong in our oceans. Learn more about what happens with these recyclable materials on our Ocean Bound Plastics Page.