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Sustainability on all levels

Add Get Modern to the Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

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Get Modern: Modern isn't just furniture! In 2019 Herman Miller set a goal of reducing single-use plastics in packaging globally by 30 percent. To do so they made several changes including using corrugated material in shipping packages instead of foam. We at COI embrace this change and want you to see how important it is on all levels of business. Initiatives like this drive change.

Our Goal: Create awareness through our brand, and our projects. The Get Modern sign in our Edmonton showroom is here for awareness, and as a call to action. We are the change we want to see in the world around us. By using reclaimed materials from our own project installations to make this sign we bring attention to how impactful these initiatives are to the world around us.

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Image of honey bee on a plant, in front of the Herman Miller Factory

Peeling back the layers

Sustainability comes in many forms - as we peeled back the layers of this shipping material we found a honeycomb pattern on the inside, this structure reminded us of the early days of Herman Miller, and the wasps which took up residence in their Holland, Michigan facility.

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“It wasn’t just furniture we were looking for, as we believe the environment people go to work in makes a difference – it isn’t ‘just’ a table and chairs that we looked for, but a space where people sit, talk, and come up with great ideas. We felt that COI understood that. Being a Herman Miller supplier definitely piqued our interest from the start. The Herman Miller name speaks for itself, you know you are getting a modern, high-quality product, but when we heard they use recycled plastics from the ocean to make their chairs, it was a no-brainer for us. Quality and sustainability are at the core of Polykar’s values, and we love to partner with companies that share those same values.”
Polykar Geneviève Lapointe | Office Manager Edmonton

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